This is a seminar on Arakelov geometry, with a view towards applying it to the study of rational points. We will begin by learning about the theory for arithmetic surfaces and then discuss the theory for higher dimensional varieties. More details arriving soon!


Talk 0: Introduction to Arakelov Theory (Robin de Jong); January 23rd 2024, Leiden (Slides)

Talk 1: Arithmetic Curves (Boaz Moerman): March 19, 2024, Utrecht (References: Section 2 of Gasbarri, Section 1 of Zhu)

Talk 2: Green functions and Hermitian line bundles (Justin Uhlemann): April 18, 2024, Groningen (References: Chapter II of Lang, Section 3 of Faltings)

Talk 3: Intersection theory on arithmetic surfaces (Tianci Kang): May 30, 2024, Leiden

Talk 4: Properties of arithmetic intersection theory (TBA): June 25, 2024, Utrecht