We are committed to making this instructional workshop productive and enjoyable
for everyone. For this reason, harassment of participants in any form will not
be tolerated.

Examples of harassment include but are not limited to

  • offensive comments (including those related to gender, age, sexual orientation,
    disability, physical appearance, body size, ethnicity, nationality and
    religion) either in person or via the Internet;
  • inappropriate language and images in talks;
  • deliberate intimidation or following;
  • harassing photography or recording;
  • sustained disruption of talks or other events;
  • inappropriate physical contact;
  • unwelcome sexual attention.

Participants asked to stop any unacceptable behaviour are expected to comply

If you are being harassed, are concerned that someone else is being harassed, or
have any other concerns about unacceptable behaviour, please immediately contact
one of the organizers (Martin Bright, Valentijn Karemaker, Ronald van Luijk, Steffen
Müller, Marta Pieropan, Cecília Salgado) or Bianca Viray. We will be happy
to assist with any concerns you might have. Reports will be dealt with discreetly
and in confidence.